#AFRAA to link Africa’s aviation industry through ‘Sky Connect’


(Posted 04th March 2021)

On 10th March 2021, AFRAA will launch the Sky-Connect dialogues – a monthly top executive leadership series on developments within the aviation space in Africa and globally. The AFRAA Sky-Connect dialogues will host one top executive for a lively, educative and thought-provoking discussion that will edge out practical, implementable recommendations as well as point to success stories that can be emulated for accelerated results.

Join us for the launch edition of the Sky-Connect dialogues to get insights on:

  • Review of the state of the industry
  • The post COVID19 recovery for African aviation – expectations and timelines to recovery
  • What AFRAA is doing to support aviation development
  • Air transport and the success of the Africa continental free trade area (AfCFTA)
  • Race against time- Airlines/ Airports readiness to deliver COVID19 vaccine across Africa

Session Time:14.00h EAT

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