Uganda Airlines speaks out on long haul destination launch


(Posted 04th March 2021)

Following a number of negative media reports about the launch of long haul destinations has Uganda Airlines given details about the ongoing certification process of the new Airbus A330-800Neo aircraft.Usually well informed aviation sources in Entebbe have suggested to ATCNews that it might be the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority which is responsible for the delay, following a very slow process of certification which was expected to be complete when the first Airbus arrived before Christmas last year.
Now, more than 2 1/2 months later, is the process still not complete.
While Uganda Airlines points at a 5 stage certification process has the UCAA remained silent over where this process has reached or why it is not complete by now, keeping national assets worth half a billion US Dollars on the ground instead of in the air, flying and earning revenue.
It has also been suggested to ATCNews that the delay has reached higher authorities and that the UCAA might be asked to answer to that office with an explanation and to dispel rumours and allegations that there might be sabotage in play.
Whatever the outcome will be, ATCNews will immediately publish updates as and when the processes have been completed which speed is now expected to sharply increase after the matter has reached the public domain and drawn fresh attention to the UCAA’s working processes and their role in the delay.

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