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(Posted 10th March 2021)

Dear ATCNews readers,

AviaDev brings you another edition of aviation talkshow SkyHeroes. These heroes are slightly different. They are not going to save the world. But if you´re interested in aviation and you need a little break, they might save your day. Because they breathe the aviation industry inside out. They have an opinion and they are not afraid to use it.

Our SkyHeroes:

  • John Grant, Partner, MIDAS Aviation
  • Max Oldorf, CCO & Founder, CH-aviation
  • Sean Mendis, Airline Executive

And this is what we´ll discuss:

  1. The return of 737 Max 8
  2. General Court of the European Court decided that state aid to AirFrance and SAS was not discriminatory
  3. Eurocontrol reporting that half of CO2 emissions come from 6% of flights
  4. New airlines on the rise in Africa
  5. Turkish Airlines taking the leading position on the global market

Join us live on 11th March at 10am UTC. Register here for free:

I look forward to seeing you on Thursday!

Warmest regards

Juraj Toth
Managing Director
AviaDev Europe

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