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Each year 100,000 aviation professionals trust IATA Training with their professional development. This year, many of them embarked with us on a new journey, digitally. Hear from fellow aviation professionals first-hand as they talk about their digital experience with IATA Training.

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This course allowed me to acquire the necessary skills for future opportunities in the revenue management area. I appreciate a lot that the virtual classroom comes at a lower price, which is especially important during the current crisis. Engagement and interaction are top-notch, which I didn’t expect from a training that you take at home or at your office. Everyone is paying full attention and you’re able discuss questions at any time. I’ll definitely take another virtual class and recommend this to everyone who wants to polish their skills for a new role.


Sales & Reservation Officer
Course: Revenue Management and Pricing in times of crisis


It was great to take an eLearning course with IATA. The courses are very elaborate and exceed everyone’s expectations as they guide you along the way and you want to learn more and more. Once you see the topics you can’t wait for the next one and the best of all, you have the chance to asses your knowledge after each chapter, proving that you are learning effectively.


Quality Audit Manager
Course: Aviation Law – Fundamentals

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