Traveling through Brussels Airport during the times of the pandemic

Just a little more patience and then… time to enjoy!
We don’t know when it’ll be, but when the time comes, we will be ready! And you can count on a great flight offer from Brussels Airport. How about relaxing in the beautiful Algarve, discovering Greece or enjoying a paella on a Spanish costa? Thanks to the plans of 58 airlines, you can choose from 180 different destinations this summer. There’s something for everyone!
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COVID vaccin
Transport COVID vaccine
Belgium continues to ship the COVID vaccines to all corners of the world, allowing Brussels Airport to fully deploy its expertise as a pharma hub. Since a few weeks the Moderna vaccine is also being transported through our airport by none other than Singapore Airlines We are very happy to be able to contribute in this way, especially since the vaccines allow us to dream of carefree travel again.
A look behind the scenes
Travelling in COVID-times
Passenger Journey
Travelling today is slightly different than before. But don’t worry, we’re happy to give you an overview of the changes. Find out everything you need to know to travel carefree in our video and on our website. #safetravel
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Great times for spotters
The hard-core spotters among you have long discovered that these days quite a few exotic planes are to be spotted at our airport. Only recently, this beautiful South African Airways A340-600 touched down on our tarmac. And many other legendary aircraft types are to be discovered here. Would you like to see your best Brussels Airport picture appear on our social media? Then just send a mail to spotters!
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