#Seychelles hopes to kickstart cruise season in August


(Posted 18th March 2021)

March 25th will mark the day when the Seychelles will relaunch their tourism industry without the need of quarantines – though a negative PCR test not older than 72 hours before arrival will still be a mandatory requirement for visitors to the archipelago.
The islands will however remain closed for travelers from South Africa, hitherto the most important market from mainland Africa, ostensibly to calm down fears of European governments and health authorities who worry about the South African COVID19 strain.
Air Seychelles had already suspended flights to and from Johannesburg some time ago, something countries in Europe seem to have missed when they put the Seychelles on the list of hot spot countries.

Tourism and health authority officials in the Seychelles did point out that mask wearing and physical distancing orders remain in place in the Seychelles for visitors from abroad, who are expected to comply with health and safety regulations.

Meanwhile has a regular source from Victoria confirmed to ATCNews that come August this year, cruise ships carrying up to 300 passengers, will be allowed back into Seychelles waters and be allowed to dock at Port Victoria.
Almost exactly a year ago did the Seychelles government close the ports and Seychelles waters to cruise ships as the pandemic took hold and had affected a large number of cruise ships.
It is expected, subject to positive results of smaller ships returning to the Seychelles, that eventually larger cruise liners will also be allowed back into the Seychelles, as their passengers bring in cash for tours, restaurant visits and the purchase of souvenirs.
Special operating procedures will be formulated between now and August to have cruise lines comply with health and safety regulations.

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