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(Posted 02nd April 2021)

The AviAssist Foundation has today announced that Mr. Christopher McGregor, ATR Flight Safety Officer will join its Board.

We are thrilled to welcome Christopher onto our board in the year the aircraft manufacturer ATR celebrates its 40th anniversary”, says AviAssist director, Tom Kok. “We signed a formal partnership agreement with ATR in 2019. The prospect of a stronger relationship is exciting for the Foundation. In 2020, regional aircraft account for 73% of the seats available in Africa. That is another reason why the experience and commitment of one of the biggest manufacturers of regional aircraft will benefit our work on African aviation safety.”

Regional aircraft play a crucial role in the development of new routes and connectivity across the globe and in Africa. The number of turboprops in Africa is expected to exceed 350 within the next twenty years. As capacity slowly returns to the skies, the share of turboprop aircraft, in particular, has risen sharply. Regional aircraft account for 73% of the seats available in Africa. ATR aircraft are operated in 22 African countries by 30 airlines.

We are very pleased to further contribute to the growing force for flight safety that AviAssist represents,” ATR Flight Safety Officer Christopher McGregor explained. “Since 2015, working with AviAssist, we have together supported regional operators in their safety goals. As the leader in the regional aviation market, it is essential for ATR to work with our partners to improve flight safety in the regions we serve.”

Christopher will help strengthen governance across the organisation and help us in accommodating the growth we have witnessed in 2020,” Board chairman Ron Louwerse explained. “We have already carried out joint online events with ATR and are looking forward to expanding that online presence. It will enable us to increase our impact in the international ambition to continue to improve aviation safety in Africa.”

Christopher has spent the majority of his career in Flight Safety and Customer Support roles with a strong background in commercial aircraft flight operations, maintenance and flight safety. In his current role and leadership position, knowledge of the business infrastructure is essential and will benefit the leading role of AviAssist in safety promotion.

About AviAssist
The AviAssist Foundation has been leading, building and supporting aviation safety promotion in African since 1995. It is the only affiliate of the Flight Safety Foundation for Africa. It provides impartial, independent, expert safety guidance and resources to Africa’s aviation industry. It provides its guidance & resources through training courses, social media and Africa’s only dedicated safety promotion magazine – SafetyFocus. In addition, AviAssist’s Safety in African Aviation conference provides a neutral ground for competitors and regulators to meet and address safety issues. More at www.aviassist.org
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