Seychelles set to relax #COVID19 regulations


Night curfew to remain in place for the time being

(Posted 09th April 2021)

Health authorities in the Seychelles announced a further relaxation of health and safety measures yesterday. Casinos, bars and cinemas will be allowed to open again for the general public and also for tourists, effective Monday 12th of April.
The ongoing vaccination programme has now reached 66 percent of the total population of the islands and 93 percent of those targeted for inoculations and the programme will now be extended to foreign seafarers fishing in Seychelles waters but also expatriate staff working in the hospitality industry.

Public Health Commissioner Mr. Jude Gedeon was quoted saying: ‘Cinemas, casinos, and standalone bars that were closed are now getting permission to open. Gatherings among family members are now permitted, however it is necessary that they practice restraints, control, and take into account vulnerable people in the households, especially if they have not been vaccinated‘.

Certain sports too will be allowed again, such as tennis and golf. A night time curfew will for the time being remain in place between 11 pm and 4 am but that too is expected to be lifted in due course.

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