#Breaking News as #Tanzania’s Karibu KiliFair postponed until June 2022


(Posted 16th April 2021)

The age of denial about the Corona pandemic died with former President Magufuli as his successor, former Vice President and now the new President Samia Suluhu Hassan has indicated a change in policy and is reviewing past approaches to bring Tanzania in line with global reporting standards as demanded by the WHO – and neighbouring countries for that matter.

Magufuli, like Trump and Bolsonaro among others, belittled the pandemic and misled the Tanzanian public and the world over the extent of the disease and only when prominent civil servants and government officials died of the disease, and he himself passed away, did the true extent of the spread come into the public domain. Such information was previously being suppressed by the Tanzanian government both on maintstream and social media platforms and those daring to publish information faced the full wrath of the regime.

Subsequently did Tanzanian operators continue as if nothing had happened around the world over the past 15 months and have only now taken a new stand, after the EU and other countries have put the country on their hot spot lists, dismissing past claims by Tanzanian officials that there was no Corona or else it was under control.

The KaribuKiliFair, East Africa’s most important tourism trade show, will therefore now be shifted from June this year to June next year, the new dates given as June 03rd to 05th.

This courageous step was taken by the organizers and exhibitors and trade visitors who had already signed up will be informed about their commitment being carried forward into 2022. Those who already booked their tickets will have to contact the airline but it is expected that special offers by Ethiopian Airlines will be maintained for event participants flying to Kilimanjaro International Airport with the airline.

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