– South Africa: Cash-strapped Mango has suspended flights to Zanzibar (Tanzania)!

South African low-cost airline Mango, a subsidiary of South Africa’s state-owned flag carrier South African Airways (SAA), has announced the temporary suspension of flights to Zanzibar. According to the airline, the halt of flights to the Tanzanian island is due to financial difficulties. The decision to suspend flights to the airline’s only international destination… [READ

Additional information also suggests thatMango will in fact suspend all operations effective 01st of May 2021 as a result of having no cash left and will enter bankruptcy protection, valid initially until July 2021, under the South African Business Rescue scheme.

The main reason for this decision was the delayed funding for the airline, which was approved by the South African government already in October 2020 and should have been paid by early 2021. Lessors for the Mango fleet subsequently pulled the plug on the airline, causing their aircraft to be grounded, when it became clear that the deadline of 30th of April could not be met, after the South African government stated that no funds would become available until at least June this year.

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