CDC lashes out at Seychelles – of all countries they could clobber


(Posted 03rd May 2021)

One may never find out what true motive the CDC bureaucrats had when they decided to have a go at the Seychelles, a country with – as of right now – 5873 cases, thereof 744 active cases and 28 deaths, since the start of the pandemic some 15 months ago.

The language chosen is harsh and the message even harsher for a country which depends massively on tourism.
As mentioned recently on have over 60 percent of the adult population in the Seychelles been fully vaccinated, i.e. twice with the available vaccines, which were donated to the country from the UAE, India, China and others.
SOP’s were put in place, outlining the requirements for visits to the Seychelles, where incidentally visitors from such countries like Brazil, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan presently cannot enter, even when fully vaccinated.
Visitors must have a valid PCR test, taken not longer than 72 hours before arrival in the Seychelles and some categories of visitors are then required to have a second PCR test taken after spending some time on the islands.

Over the past weeks several airlines have relaunched flights to the Seychelles, among them Aeroflot and Turkish Airlines while Air Seychelles is now operating charters from Bucharest.
Neither the EU nor other key tourism source countries for the Seychelles like Russia have taken issue with the level of infections on the islands, so the CDC must be asked as to why they took such a sudden hardline stand against the archipelago when other countries, in Africa and around the world, have a much worse ratio and much worse figures and yet does travel to and from with a very few exceptions continue.

It is understood that the Seychelles government, now that it has become aware of the negative notice by the CDC, is demanding clarification and the withdrawal or substantive alteration of the notice.

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  1. As Seychellois & someone who regarded CDC as a respected organisation I’m obliged to say that who ever has taken this stance against our has done it in a very biased & malicious manner to destroy our reputation.

    Furthermore, I would add that CDC has its own problem in the US & should better take care of its own issues & clean its own compound before meddling on other grounds.

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