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Word from AFRAA’s Secretary General
The air transport industry is a critical sector of the global economy. In Africa, the industry supports an estimated 7.7 million jobs and $63 billion in African economic activity. Like all other sectors, the air transport industry has been severely hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. At the African Airlines Association, we estimate that African airlines made a cumulative loss of US$10.21 billion in revenues in 2020 due to the impact of the pandemic. With the new variants of COVID 19 and the third wave, 2021 remains uncertain. Thus we have aligned our priorities to cope with the effects of the Covid19.
For 2021 it is important to pursue financial support to airlines to facilitate their recovery while at the same time take measures for the safe reopening of borders to enhance health security and restore the confidence of passengers to travel.

We continue our focus on activities and initiatives to support African airlines navigate these uncertain times. In this regard, AFRAA’s five-year strategic plan outlines actions aimed at reviving the air transport industry. Key among these objectives is to improve cooperation among airlines for better connectivity, lower costs and increased revenue as well as to provide strategic advisory to build the capacity of airlines and the industry as a whole.

AFRAA will continue to work with all stakeholders in the ecosystem to achieve these goals.

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