Seychelles and UAE agree on ‘Travel Corridor’


(Posted 18th May 2021)

Seychelles and the United Arab Emirates have agreed to establish a travel corridor, which is aimed to ease the bureaucracy prompted by the ongoing Corona pandemic.
Key element of the agreement is the mutual recognition of vaccination certificates issued by health authorities of the two countries.
Travelers who received their full vaccinations and have completed the 14 day wait after the second dose, can now freely move between the archipelago and the UAE although a valid PCR test, taken not longer than 72 hours before travel, appears to be required too.
Both are prerequisites to quarantaine free travel and will no doubt stimulate visitor numbers from the UAE for the Seychelles, presently the third highest number in arrivals.
The Seychelles government has also indicated that additional travel corridors are under negotiation with other key visitor source market countries, a measure much needed given the recent unwelcome publicity over rapidly rising infection rates among islanders.
From data seen, nearly 100 percent of the adult population received their first vaccination dose while over 61.000 of the eligible 70.000 have now received both doses. This makes the Seychelles one of the leading countries around the world vis a vis vaccination rates.

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