Alain St. Ange takes aim at poaching in Africa


(Posted 22nd May 2021)

Alain St.Ange, the former Seychelles Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine took the opportunity to address the guests present during the Eid Mubarak Festive Dinner in Jakarta about the vision and mission of the African Tourism.

Alain St.Ange spoke about the diversity of the 54 States of Africa and of the extensive unique selling points that exist waiting for the discerning holiday makers.
St.Ange was encouraging Indonesians and citizens from the neighbouring countries to visit Africa combining one or two countries together as he encourages Africans to turn to Indonesia for holidays and shopping trips.
The festive dinner was attended by African Diplomatic Corps in Indonesia, Minister from Indonesia and businesses, Ministers from Indonesia and Chief of Indonesian Immigration.

At the time did Alain St. Ange also reveal an online discussion taking place this coming Sunday, 23rd of May, when Anti-Poaching is the main item on the agenda.

ATCNews readers are encouraged to log-in and see the African Tourism Showcase at 1200hrs UK time on Zoom and Live on Facebook.

The Guest of Honour is Honourable Alain St.Ange and also Dr. Taleb Rifai, the immediate former UNWTO Secretary-General.

This is Series-4 of the African efforts by Africa to protect and save the unique assets of Africa.

You are invited to join in through Zoom ID: 896 7338 4044
Password: 765830

Africa is on the move…

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