Kampala experiences a 4.6 Richter Scale tumble


(Posted 18th June 2021)

Kampala residents, last evening just before 6 pm local time, felt earth tremors which were later also verified by Earthquake Watch and other organizations.
The magnitude of the quake was set at 4.6 on the open ended Richter Scale, enough to be felt but not of the strength needed to cause any major damage to buildings or infrastructure.
The tremors were then apparently followed by a second quake of similar strength, with the epicentre under the waters of Lake Victoria within Tanzanian territory, some time around 8.49 pm.
Again, no damage was reported as of this morning.
East Africa spreads across a seismologically active zone with several active volcanoes, the most recent eruption being near Goma in Congo DR, just across the border with Rwanda and not far from the Ugandan border.

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