‘Spotlight Workshop’ next virtual edition coming up


(Posted 28th June 2021)


Do you promote travel to Africa & Indian Ocean islands?
If you do then we would like to invite you to register as Buyer for the next Spotlight on Africa & Indian Ocean islands Virtual Expo on July 28 & 29

You will be able to meet and network with more than 30 African and Indian Ocean islands products and services. View the current exhibitors list here

The following buyers are invited to register to attend !

  1. Overseas Based Outbound Tour operators & Wholesalers who sell/promote African countries and Indian Ocean islands
  2. Overseas based Travel Agencies & ITC’s
  3. Africa based Regional DMC’s and Tour operators.
  4. Africa based IATA travel Agents/ITC’s who sell Business/leisure travel or who organise Conferences & meetings in Africa & Indian islands countries.

Please note buyers can only request meetings with exhibitors not with other buyers.

Buyers can book up to 48 pre-scheduled meetings over the two days with Exhibitors and attend Seminars and Presentations.

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Click Here for more information
How to apply to attend the Spotlight Virtual Travel Expo

  1. Complete and submit the Application Form
  2. Houston Travel Marketing will evaluate your application and advise if your attendance has been approved
  3. Once approved Houston Travel Marketing will provide you with a link to complete your profile with additional information / your photograph etc.
  4. To ensure you get the maximum benefit from the Spotlight Virtual TravelExpo, please ensure that your profile is 100% complete and accurate.

Pre-scheduled Meetings

  1. The Pre-scheduled Meetings Process will open on 19 July for all approved Buyers who have completed their online profile
  2. Buyers can request appointments with Exhibitors but cannot request meetings with other buyers.
  3. Exhibitors will be able to request meetings with Buyers
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