Uganda reduces PCR test time to 72 hours


(Posted 30th June 2021)

Uganda’s health authorities have, with immediate effect, reduced the time frame for PCR testing from previously 120 hours to now only 72 hours.
This applies to both passengers leaving Uganda and travelers coming to Uganda via Entebbe International Airport.

It was also learned that certain immigration procedures were amended under the pretext of anti COVID19 measures, apparently scrapping the Visa on Arrival facility and requiring passengers to apply for their Visa in advance, on line.

The directive also advises airlines not to uplift any passengers bound for Uganda who do not have their Visa approved prior to departure, or else face a fine.

Both measures are bound to further impact on the number of arriving tourists to Uganda as other holiday destinations, especially the Mediterranean countries like Greece and Spain are going flat out to woo European holiday travelers with a minimum of formalities and restrictions, especially those who have already been fully vaccinated.

The US State Department has responded with their own upped anti travel advisory on 28th of June, the link of which is shown above for the benefit of readers. The link to the current COVID19 advisory of the US Embassy in Kampala is shown below.

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