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How quickly the world can change. COVID-19 has seen airline passenger revenues drop by more than 50 per cent in 2020. In such uncertain times, long-term strategic planning is crucial. The latest 20 Year Passenger Forecast focuses on the recovery profile out of the Corona crisis: which are the markets that will recover first to 2019 levels and which are the markets that are likely to lag?

From insight into how and where recovery is first emerging, to forecasting how the political and economic currents of today will shape the climate of tomorrow, IATA’s 20-year Air Passenger Forecast offers the tools you need.

With over 4,000 country pairs covered and industry-leading expertise, IATA’s 20 Year Passenger Forecast analyses the fundamental drivers of air travel demand, providing valuable input for your long-term strategic decision-making. As an airline, airport, government agency, tourism company, or firm financing aviation initiatives, you need to understand how air passenger traffic will recover from the COVID-19 crisis, as well as how it will evolve over the long-term.
Our modelling shows that while the air passengers market has lost about two years’ worth of growth due to COVID-19. But we believe that much of the demand will return. We forecast robust growth in passenger numbers over the next 20-years:

What’s in the publication? Benefits..

## Obtain expert insight into aviation’s future – see how the industry might change over the next two decades and explore alternative scenarios
Be sure you’re on the right track – Plan investments and lend expert support to financing requests with a bi-annually updated, 360° view of the of the industry ##
## Get the data you need, how you need it –IATA’s 20-year Air Passenger Forecast is available in multiple formats to suit your organisation’s specific needs

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