Cruise ships make a return to the Seychelles


(Posted 12th November 2021)

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After an absence of one and a half years will the Seychelles welcome back cruise ships, effective 18th November.
A ban of cruise ships was introduced when many cruise liners around the world became floating hospitals with COVID19 infected passengers and crews and as a result did the Seychelles and other Indian Ocean islands then put a stop to cruises in the region.
It is understood that new regulations have been put into place by Seychelles health authorities to ensure passengers arriving in Port Victoria / Mahe will be healthy and have been fully vaccinated and tested before entering the island.

Some 19 cruise liners are expected in the coming months, compared to over 50 pre-pandemic port calls, and ATCNews was told that the ships will be smaller and very large liners are not on the visiting schedule for the coming season.

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