#BREAKING NEWS Terrorist attacks suspected to be cause of two Kampala explosions


(Posted 16th November 2021)

Reports received from Kampala, the Ugandan capital city, speak of two explosions less than an hour ago in the centre of town.
According to reports did one such explosion take place near the Central Police Station while another one reportedly took place near Parliament buildings with one source pointing at a nearby insurance building. Cars parked in front were said to be on fire.
Pictures seen also suggest that there were casualties but the exact number of those injured or killed can not be established at this time – other than mentioning that ambulances are continuing to rush to the scenes and from there to hospitals across the city.
Uganda Police and other security organs have begun to seal off the affected areas to search for clues of the two blasts and residents have been urged not to come to the city centre and wherever possible stay indoors, either in their offices or at home.
ATCNews will continue to monitor the situation throughout the day.

For now ATCNews expresses sorrow and extends condolences to the government and people of Uganda, and the relatives of those injured or killed in the two blasts.

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