#SafariLink also appeal for contributions to #ColobusConservation

Colobus Conservation Global Giving Campaign


Safarilink is a proud longtime supporter of the Diani-based Colobus Conservation who provides “rescue and rehabilitation” service for primates; either orphans, those injured in road accidents, electrocutions on electricity supply lines, or insnares and those that illegally have been kept as pets. But sadly, their almost daily rescue callouts are threatened for funding reasons as the Covid pandemic has meant far fewer tourists taking their EcoTour and persons paying to stay with them to take part in a range of conservation projects such as primate related data collection, reforestation by planting indigenous trees and school educational visits.

Accordingly, they have launched an Emergency Appeal through Global Giving which we request you to support by both donating and circulating the appeal to your friends on social media. The link is https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/rescue-and-care-for-primates-in-need/

For further information please contact Colobus Conservation Centre at campaigns@colobusconservation.org
or call +254711479453.

Thank you,
Safarilink Aviation Team

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