‘Kwetu Laikipia’

Issue No 2, 2021

Statement From The Secretary
Greetings members and partners,

As we approach the end of the year, we appreciate your immense support this year.
This year the association was able to

Assist members in getting their licenses and compliance certificates.

Work with the Tourism Regulatory Authority to validate standards set for niche tourism markets.

We increased our social media marketing efforts for member campaigns, projects, and programs on our social media platforms.

We recently launched the LTA newsletter "Kwetu Laikipia," which will be released every month to focus on member stories, member CSR initiatives, and running promotions.

We also provided our LTA members with a pool for skilled labours and linked those skilled in tourism and willing to work in the industry with willing employers.

We were able to enroll 370 individuals in our landscape who were affected by the Covid pandemic, either through loss of income or a loss of their jobs. These individuals will each receive Ksh 12,000 in equal 3-4-month instalments.

Lastly, the LTA made a presentation representing Laikipia’s tourism offerings in Nyali, which initiated meaningful discussions on.

  • How can we ensure direct flights to Nanyuki from Mombasa.
  • Formation of additional/sub-organizations helps the Laikipia Tourism Association achieve its mandate.
  • How to make pricing inclusive and to accommodate the local market.
  • Lastly, the stakeholders suggested that we plan an exchange trip by Mombasa tour operators to Nanyuki

According to the Kenya Tourism Board’s assessment of our tourism performance this year, the country recorded a 40.8% growth in tourism numbers with 663,036 visitors (January-October, 2021) compared to the same period last year of 470,971 arrivals.

The highest arrivals into Kenya with 108,072 visitors were from the US, contributing 16.3% of the total arrivals, Uganda was 2nd with 59,979 (9.0%), Tanzania third with 58,946 (8.9%).

From Europe, the UK market in the 4th position led with 34,121 (5.1). Others in the order of arrivals were; India with 31,644 (4.8%) and China with 27,494 (4.1%).

Holidays were the leading reason for entry, with 34.1% of the arrivals at 226,168, visiting friends and relatives at 194,342 (29.3%), Business and MICE at 178,779 (27.0%).

With the gradual lifting of travel restrictions, increasing vaccine doses and vaccinations in the country, we remain optimistic that 2022 will be an excellent year for the sector.

We will continue serving you over the next few days should you want to make payments for membership renewal, share promotional material on the association’s social platforms, and answer any arising issues or concerns.

We wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and Prosperous 2022.

With my best regards,
John Kiongo
Executive Secretary

Stories From The Landscape
GiveDirectly and LTA Join Hands
Due to shortage of tourists and guests many facilities were forced to Let go of staff or put them on pay cuts.
The last two years have been difficult for many in the tourism sector. As a result of Covid, many individuals who had previously depended on the industry to put food on the table faced uncertainty.

Due to a lack of guests and the stringent measures put in place to curb the spread of Covid, many tourism facilities had to let go of staff or put them on pay cuts.

Therefore, it was great news when Give Directly approached the Laikipia Tourism Association to partner in emergency cash for Covid-19 response in Kenya.

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Porini Rhino Camp; Why you should visit us
The Porini Rhino Camp watering hole
Porini Rhino Camp, situated in the quiet western side of the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, is an excellent base to explore the 90,000-acre conservancy and its diverse wildlife that freely roams the grassy plains and rolling hills.
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