#Zanzibar awaits your visit for ‘FESTAC 2022’

(Posted 27th January 2022)

Zanzibar is open for Business
FESTAC 2022 presents you with the ultimate platform to conduct business, network, and unwind in Zanzibar. Elevate your brand and get qualified new leads. The festival consists of Africans & other Nationalities which makes it a perfect opportunity for networking, collaborations, and draws a Multi-generational global community to the scenic Island of Zanzibar 23rd – 29th of May
The survival of the global economy most importantly the Africa nations favourably depend on the technology innovations transfer, creative ideas and ability of the world class investors, ventures capitalists, researchers, relevant institute, agencies and government heads to apply relevant mechanism to each sub sectors of the economy for optimize grow of the world economic at large.
FESTAC 2022 Investment Forum & Business Expo provides a platform for engagement and dialogue on emerging and key issues related to investing for sustainable development. A flagship initiative of Inspire Africa Connect, Zanzibar Association of Tour Operators, Zanzibar National Chamber of Commerce, Zanzibar Association of Tourism Investors and the Hotel Association of Zanzibar the Investment forumis uniquely positioned at the intersection of the public, private and multi-lateral sectors to shape 21st century investment policies in Zanzibar; it will also include a digital platform for investors and project sponsors to profile their investment interests and deals respectively. 
 The business gathering happening on the 23rd – 24th of May will showcase transformative investment opportunities. Invited participants to this first edition, including investors, project sponsors and decision-makers, will be presented with a pipeline of deals that are ready for investment. 

A platform for engagement and dialogue on emerging and key issues related to investing for sustainable development. 

A multi-stakeholder, multi-disciplinary platform that advances private and public-private-partnership projects. 

A Showcase of transformative investment opportunities, many of which hold the potential to drive Zanzibar’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. 
 A true African tropical paradise awaits you, meet the best of Zanzibar on this adventure filled, culturally immersive experience. The festival will take place in Stone Town, Zanzibar and will showcase some of the finest Africa and the Diaspora has to offer in music, fashion, culture, entertainment, culinary exploits and so much more. 
 Join this once in a lifetime amazing Cultural experience. Exhibiting brands have the opportunity to interact and engage with a savvy guest list possessing a definite purchasing power. Invitees to the FESTAC 2022 Business Expo include VIPs from different walks of life and dignitaries, diplomats, business leaders, and entrepreneurs. 
To enquire more about exhibition opportunities contactZaida@inspireafricaconnect.com or Aalia@inspireafricaconnect.com for more details! 
 Inspire Africa ConnectJohannesburg, South Africa2194Info@inspireafricaconnect.com 

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