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(Posted 03rd February 2022)

#TheFisayo: My study journey in Canada

Happy new year!

It has been about 6 months since you last heard from me.

A lot has happened since then, I began my Master’s degree in Tourism Management at a university in Canada.

I shared my testimony on how the journey to beginning my Master’s degree came to be on Instagram.

I have released three blog posts and one YouTube video since then.

However, I realized, I have not brought my newsletter community on here up to speed with everything.

The story is long.

However, I managed to summarise where I have been on my New YouTube video, click here to watch. 

This time last year, I applied for my Master’s admission and knowing fully well that this is the season others would be doing that, I decided to share all that worked for me.

Click here to learn how to apply to a Canadian University as an international student.

 In December 2021, I summarized all I had learnt from my little stay here in Canada, and I believe these are important cues to be aware of if you plan to come to study in Canada.

Click here to read 12 things you should know before you decide to go to school in Canada.

I want you to tap into this testimony and take the step if faith, congratulations in advance.

Cheers.About TheFisayoOluwafisayo Olayinka-Bello is an award-winning travel blogger, focused on promoting African tourism. I am a tourism development advocate,podcast host, big dreamer, teacher teaching travel blogging courses, and an innovator who thrives at the intersection of tourism, technology and advocacy.I help travel bloggersstart and grow a sustainable travel business online. I also develop sustainable marketing strategies and campaigns for travel destinations, tourism boards and tourism organizations in Africa.

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