Gorilla conservation goes ‘high tech’ in #Uganda

(Posted 09th February 2022)

An App has been launched in Kampala yesterday, aimed to aid gorilla conservation and allow conservation minded people from around the world to be virtually present in the two gorilla national parks of Uganda, Mgahinga and Bwindi.

The app can be accessed by clicking on the link above or by visiting first the website http://www.gorilla.family

RoundBob and The Naturalist, Ugandan conservation enterprises working with the Uganda
Wildlife Authority, have launched My Gorilla Family, a subscription-based mobile application
that allows users to join a gorilla family and contribute to saving this endangered species by
indulging in activities that a user would with their own family. This was coupled with the launch
of My Gorilla Family Festival, an event that will see local and international artists performing in
Kisoro this coming May.

For as little as $2 per month, users will receive an all-access pass to the Bwindi/Mgahinga
Conservation Areas, home to more than 50% of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas. Follow
their daily excursions and family migrations through virtual trekking, celebrate their birthdays
and new births, and receive updates from the rangers who protect and know them best.

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