Aerolink looks back at a decade of operations across Uganda

(Posted 17th February 2022)


It’s Been A Decade Already that Aerolink, a sister company of Air Kenya, opened shop in Uganda.

As they celebrate AeroLink at 10 years, a lot of changes have come into play to ensure their clientele enjoy a great travel experience.

Among the innovations is their new minimum passenger number requirement from Entebbe to Murchison Falls (Bugungu, Chobe and Pakuba airstrips) to the West (Kasese, Mweya, Semiliki and Kihihi airstrips ) and Semuliki (Semiliki airstrip), reduced to now 2pax.

And more good news came yesterday from Ministry of Health, Uganda which effective 16th of February has suspended mandatory COVID-19 testing for all incoming travellers, making travel to Uganda once again less cumbersome.

Kenya News Updates

The resumption of Tarime flights became effective 11th of February, 2022 and this service will operate with a minimum of 2 passengers per airstrip.
The Serengeti – Maasai Mara service seamlessly connects with Airkenya Express Ltd hence enabling clients to enjoy breakfast in Serengeti and lunch in Maasai Mara or vice versa.

Tanzania News Updates

Regional Air’s new morning schedule service from Zanzibar/Dar es Salaam to Serengeti is now operational.

All connections with AeroLink and its subsidiaries are guaranteed.

The Aerolink sales team has incentive rates and offers for clients as they celebrate a decade of service.

Get in touch with them at:

AeroLink Uganda
Entebbe International Airport P. O. Box 689 Entebbe –
Reservations Tel 256 31 7333000 | Operations Tel 256 776 882205 | Admin Tel. 256 31 7333000

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