Cessna Grand Caravan bursts tyre on take off in #Bor #SouthSudan

(Posted 23rd February 2022)

(Twitter picture by @kenyanaviator)

A Cessna Grand Caravan C208B, registered in Uganda as 5X-ASD, MSN 208B1127, reportedly suffered a tyre burst while attempting to take off from Bor Airport (ICAO HSBR) in South Sudan.

As a result did the aircraft veer off the runway and ended up nose down in the surrounding bush, damaging the propeller in the process.

Crew and passengers were according to local reports received from Bor able to walk away from the plane without any injuries.

(Twitter pictures by @kenyanaviator)

AT the time of uploading the article was it still unclear which company operated the flight and who is the owner of the aircraft as an immediate enquiry with aviaton authorities in Entebbe went unanswered.

It could equally not be established how many crew and passengers were on board.

Updates will be shared as and when added information has been made available.

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