#Tanzania’s #AuricAir updates terms and conditions for selected routes

(Posted 24th February 2022)

Dear Partners,

Warm greetings from Auric Air Services Limited!

We thank you for continuing to choose us as your preferred travel partner. Rest assured, our commitment to providing safe and reliable services remains firm as always.

COVID-19, as we all know wreaked havoc on our industry and while recovery is in sight, travel is nowhere near pre-COVID levels. We pray for a quicker recovery from here.

While we have continued to fly on all our routes, some are proving to be quite a challenge. These are:

Serengeti – Entebbe – Serengeti
Serengeti – Kigali – Serengeti
Serengeti- Rubondo – Serengeti
Serengeti – Migori/Tarime – Serengeti
Serengeti- Ruaha

Because we want you to have the option, and for us to guarantee the operation of the flight on the above routes, we are revising the minimum passenger limit for the first booking to four(4) passengers. Every other subsequent booking will remain at a minimum of two(2) seats. Once we have six(6) full-paying passengers, the first party, who purchased four(4) to guarantee the flight will be eligible for a refund of two(2) seats.

Stay with us as we strive to connect you to safari destinations across East Africa.

Auric Air Services Ltd

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