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(Posted 11th March 2022)

February Edition 2022

WATERMukogodo Community Leaders Approve Rehabilitation of Key Water Points

The rehabilitation of these water points will benefit the community by improving water access for people, livestock and wildlife in the area. Article continues here



The Incredible Benefits of Community-Based Tourism

Community-based tourism not only encourages a deeper connection between the host and visitor, but also promotes environmental protection, cultural conservation, social responsibility, and the enhancement of livelihoods.
Article continues here

Tourism Sector’s Cash Relief Program

Measuring the Impact
One of the beneficiaries was Lydiah Michael. Lydiah has been a great supporter of the Association’s work since 2019. We sat with Lydiah to discuss if and how the LTA’s partnership has been impactful.
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Adventure Tourism and Empowerment

The Story of Savage Wilderness
Guides at Savage Wilderness are internationally qualified and are regularly sent to England for more training. Some of them had never been out of Kenya let alone away from their small village Riandira. Article continues here



Food and Agriculture Organization

Fostering Stakeholder Integration
Food and Agriculture Organization National Project Coordinator Mr. Meshack Muga, strongly believes that there needs to be solid coordination between FAO Project partners if implementation of projects is to be executed efficiently and successfully.  Article continues here

Beekeeping, Honey, and Building a Business

Dupoto Beekeepers Cooperative Reliance on rain fed agriculture, like any other area, makes farmers in Mukogodo vulnerable to climate shocks and changes. Historical records indicate that the average temperatures have increased significantly in the past twenty years, and the number of heat and drought-stressed days are projected to continue ……Article continues here

What You Need to Know About
Lion Tracking at Ol Pejeta Conservancy
‘Ajali’ is the biggest lion pride at Ol Pejeta Conservancy, with close to 22 members. Other prides here include the Bima, Amanda, Equator, Christine, and Utali groups. Article continues here

African Wild Dogs Cope with Human Development Using Skills They Rely on to Compete with Other CarnivoresFor several million years, African wild dogs have evolved within a set of large carnivores that all prey on the same large herbivore species, like wildebeest and warthogs.Article continues here


Laikipia National Reserve And its Future
The Laikipia County, through its partner FAO, held a 2-day meeting to discuss how they could move forward in their efforts to formalize and operationalize the Laikipia National Reserve —formerly referred to as Kirimun. For years, this area has been a national reserve on paper only. Article continues here

The Forum At A Glance, 2021
Laikipia Forum continues to work in partnership with organizations and associations active in natural resources management in the greater Laikipia landscape.

Last year, the Forum worked very closely with the following members, the Mount Kenya – Ewaso Water Partnership – MKEWP ILMAMUSI Community Forest Association, Oramat Lenaboisho, Ontulili Primates Protection, the Laikipia Tourism Association, and the Ewaso Maji Users SACCO in their efforts to realize their members’ goals and objectives.

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