#Hospitality: Hope for hotels in distress as Barrow’s embarks on acquisition spree

(Posted 22nd March 2022)

Barrows focuses on hotel companies with an immediate need for liquidity and well-functioning management

Barrows (www.BarrowsHotels.com), the provider of hotel investment and advisory services for hotels in the Middle East and Africa, is looking for distressed hotels in West Africa to buy and turn them into a successful hospitality brand.

Barrows focuses on hotel companies with an immediate need for liquidity and functioning management. Their goal is to buy 50 distressed hotels with a total of 7500 rooms and bring them together under the name Barrows Hospitality and Leisure Group.

The effects of the Global Pandemic have made certain that many hotel entrepreneurs are at a loss. Hotels are being abandoned and the owners or operators are unable to revive the hotel after the long closure. Barrows’ is now planning to bring hotels in such distress a new life by carrying out sustainable renovations and seconding a new management team.

Barrows will be financing the acquisitions through long-term facilities with institutional investors and investment banks.

Week after week is Barrows being approached by investment banks that are interested in financing unique assets and hotels are clearly one of those. Barrows is specifically looking for Airport Hotels, Beach Resorts and Business Hotels, aiming to add value to the asset and increase cash flow and profit. They offer investors a solid guaranteed return and guarantee their capital. This will provide the perfect solution for all parties, according to Chairman Erwin Jager of Barrows.

Barrows Hotel Enterprises internationally manages over 10,000 hotel rooms in more than 10 countries. The company started in 2008 as a real estate investor in the residential market in Dubai. Since 2012, Barrows has changed its strategy and the company is fully focused on the fast-growing hotel industry in the Middle East.

Since 2020 Barrows is active in the entire MENA Region and has expanded into West Africa.

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