#Aviation #AviaDevAfrica2022: Learn all about the 5 main trends for airport resilience in 2022

(Posted 11th April 2022)

 5 trends driving airport resilience in 2022
Marcel L-1
This podcast episode features Marcel Langeslag, Director, Aviation Africa at Netherlands Airport Consultants Limited (NACO). NACO offer planning, design and advisory services to airports across the globe and Marcel is involved in numerous projects across the African continent.
TIn this episode, we cover:✈️ The 5 emerging trends that will improve airport resilience✈️The cargo opportunity for African airports. A long term trend worth investing in?✈️ The changing face of airport finance and increase in private sector involvement. Are airports still a solid investment?


Diversification away from aeronautical revenues. How do airports build resilience? Find out more about NACO here

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