#DiaryofaMuzungu’s Charlotte set to speak about #Uganda at ‘Wanderlust Travel Magazine’ online event

(Posted 19th April 2022)

“Go wild in Uganda!”

Join the event tomorrow Weds 20 April for a Wanderlust Travel Magazine reader event in which Charlotte Beauvoisin will be speaking about her favourite subject: UGANDA! 😎

To take part, please REGISTER. It’s free (and a recording will be available to those who register).


Said Charlotte, aka Nagawa, to ATCNews when discussing the event:

From seeing #chimpanzees and mountain #gorillas in the unspoilt landscapes they call home and admiring a rainbow-spectrum of exotic birds to bumping across Uganda’s white water rapids and watching a traditional dance, there are so many life-affirming travel experience to have in #Uganda.

ATCNews readers are invited to explore this fascinating part of the world during a very special evening of virtual travel. During the event, we will be meeting the experts – [the Muzungu is representing 🥰] – who will bring to life the huge biodiversity, local culture and space for adventure in Uganda, and you will have a chance to ask our panel all of your burning questions.”

We kick off at 6.30pm UK time (8.30 pm Uganda time) on Wednesday 20 April 2022.

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