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(Posted 19th May 2022)

Reversing Trump, Biden acts to deploy US troops to Somalia
AP News
President Joe Biden signed an order Monday to redeploy hundreds of US troops to Somalia to counter the Islamic extremist rebel group al-Shabab, an effort that American military leaders said had been hampered by President Donal Trump’s late-term decision to withdraw forces from the country… Read more>>

Egypt, Ethiopia compete for US support in Nile dam file
Ethiopia has appointed former Minister of Water, Irrigation, and Energy, Seleshi Bekele, as a new ambassador to the United States, in a move aimed to counter Egyptian efforts to draw US support in its favor in the yearslong dispute with Addis Ababa over the Grad Ethiopian Renaissance Dam… Read more>>

WFP Urges Zimbabwe, SADC to Produce More Food to Avoid Insecurity
The Zimbabwean
A top World Food Program (WFP) official has urged Zimbabwe and surrounding countries to increase food production in light of Russia-Ukraine war that has caused shortages and a spike in food prices… Read more>>

Kerry debuts $40 million taste facility in South Africa
Food Business News
Kerry on May 9 opened what the company claims to be the largest and most advanced taste manufacturing facility on the African continent, The new R650 million ($40 million) facility is located in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa… Read more>>

Child malnutrition mounts amid conflict in northeast Nigeria
AP News
Aid agencies are warning families like [Iza Ali’s] are increasingly at risk amid lower food production this year in Nigeria and as global humanitarian funds are being diverted as a result of the war in Ukraine… Read more>>

South Sudan signs up for Ethipioa dam power
The East African
Ethipoia has signed a memorandum of understanding with South Sudan to export hydro and other cheaper energy to Juba… Read more>>

Senegal sees opportunity and ‘hypocrisy’ in Europe’s search for gas
The Washington Post
Only months ago, world leaders pledged to stop financing new fossil fuel projects around the globe in a “historic” move against climate change. Now some of those leaders, desperate for energy as Russian flows dwindle, are turning to African nations with burgeoning reserves of oil and natural gas… Read more>>

Africa finally has enough Covid shots. Is it too little, too late?
Covid-19 cases are virtually non-existent these days here in the dust-covered villages around Worawora in eastern Ghana.. Read more>>

Uganda questions WHO’s excess Covid deaths tally
New statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO) indicate that there were 20,519 excess deaths in Uganda associated with the Covid-19 pandemic before 2022… Read more>>

Lesotho communities blame diamond mine pollution for trail of sickness, death, and ‘poisoned pasture’
Daily Maverick
Residents in Patising and Laoraneng live downstream from Letšend Diamond Mine and rely on surrounding natural water sources for drinking and other household chores. They tell dark stories of blue and black water — toxic contamination they allege is caused by the mine… Read more>>

$23 million donated to rebuild collapsed Waheem market
Africa News
A total of $23,000,000 has been raised so far for the rebuilding of Waheem market in Somaililand which was uttered by fire in early April, the president announced in his final state of the nation address in his ending term of office… Read more>>

These are the African countries that censor the internet the most
Quartz Africa
While Africa’s future depends on embracing technology — especially in the provision of fast, reliable, affordable internet connectivity — many African governments are quick to shut down the internet when it serves them well… Read more>>

Nigeria Issues Crypto Asset Rules in Move Seen Boosting Trade 
BNN Bloomberg
Nigeria released new rules for digital assets, offering more clarity on trading in cryptocurrencies in Africa’s most populous nation… Read more>>

– Africa tourism favorite now at “high: risk for Covid-19
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has placed a popular African destination in its “high” Covid-19 risk category for travelers. South Africa — renowned for its stunning vistas, wildlife, wineries, and culture — is now at Level 3… Read more>>

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