#AfricanParks submits annual report

(Posted 04th June 2022)

African Parks is pleased to present their 2021 Annual Report, Into the Light, which details the enduring impacts they are making through the effective management of 19 parks, in 11 countries across the continent, with your support.

In this report, you’ll read about the rise they are seeing in reclaiming natural heritage through the increase of citizens visiting their own parks; the significant reduction of poaching levels; and historic relocations, such as the largest white rhino translocation to Rwanda, bringing wild dogs back to Malawi, and bolstering founding populations of cheetahs in three parks.

You’ll also read about the life-altering benefits each park is providing to some of the most under-served people on the planet.

On behalf of African Parks, thank you for your partnership, and for creating a truly brighter, more sustainable future.

To access the full report, please click here.
2021 Annual Report

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