Jubba Airways crash in Mogadishu second Fokker 50 incident in two days in East Africa

(Posted 19th July 2022)

A Jubba Airways Fokker 50 crashlanded in Mogadishu, when according to local reports the left hand wing broke off upon touchdown. The plane subsequently overturned, ending up further down the runway upside down.

(Pictures courtesy of Twitter @AbdulBillowAli)

Spilling fuel caused a fire which was extinguished by the airport fire brigade.

The aircraft, registered in Kenya as 5Y-JXN, MSN 20239, and first flown in January 1992, had carried 33 passengers and 3 crew, all of whom escaped from the wreck though no information about their health status could be obtained.

The flight had originated in Baidoa (IATA:BIB / ICAO:HCMB).

The airline had an earlier Fokker 50 crash in 2014 as well as an Antonov crash in 2012.

An air accident investigation is now underway and the Kenyan regulators – both aircraft being Kenya registered – are now challenged to deal with two Fokker 50 landing crashes in the space of two days, the other one having taken place in South Sudan a day earlier (https://atcnews.org/2022/07/18/another-crashlanding-in-south-sudan-puts-spotlight-on-regulators/). A major focus of the investigation will no doubt be on the maintenance of both aircraft and the maintenance organizations where both aircraft were serviced.

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