#Airlink announces return to Richards Bay

(Posted 21st August 2022)

Airlink, Southern Africa’s privately owned airline, will resume scheduled services between Johannesburg and Richards Bay from 19th of September 2022.

The reinstatement of daily flights follows Richards Bay Airport’s securing of the necessary resources to accommodate scheduled airline services after an enforced 20-month hiatus.

Richards Bay is vital to the economies of KwaZulu-Natal and the entire country. It’s viability and development depend on a fully-functioning and efficient transportation system, with air connectivity playing a key role in driving business and investment in the coal-terminus town and the industries it hosts.   We are ready to welcome Richards Bay customers back onboard our flights and help reignite growth and economic activity in the area,” explained Airlink CEO and Managing Director, Rodger Foster.

With the resumption of flights on the route, Airlink is re-connecting Richards Bay with the world with a choice of convenient connections to Airlink’s expansive network of domestic and regional destinations as well as those around the world through Airlink’s global airline partners.  

Airlink’s Richards Bay flights will be operated with 29-seat Jetstream 41 turboprop airliners with the following schedule:

Flt No.EffectiveFreqFromDepartTo Arrive
4Z 88119 Sep 221234…JNB0615RCB 0745
4Z 88219 Sep 221234…RCB0815JNB 0945
4Z 88322 Sep 22…45.7JNB1100RCB 1230
4Z 88422 Sep 22…45.7RCB1255JNB 1430
4Z 88519 Sep 2212345.7JNB1530RCB 1700
4Z 88619 Sep 2212345.7RCB1730JNB 1905
4Z 88924 Sep 22…..6.JNB0815RCB 0945
4Z 89024 Sep 22…..6.RCB1015JNB 1150
Flt No.EffectiveFreqFromDepartTo Arrive
4Z 88331 Oct 22123….JNB1100RCB 1230
4Z 88431 Oct 22123….RCB1255JNB 1430
Flt No.EffectiveFreqFromDepartTo Arrive
4Z 88316 Dec 221234567JNB1100RCB 1230
4Z 88416 Dec 221234567RCB1255JNB 1430

Travel on Airlink flights can be planned, booked and managed on www.flyairlink.com, on the FlyAirlink smartphone app and through travel agents.  

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