Meaningful Tourism Award 2022

(Posted 20th September 2022)

Giving visibility to positive developments in tourism

Two weeks left to apply for Meaningful Tourism Award 2022

Meaningful Tourism is based on the insight that a sustainable tourism development is only possible if all stakeholders involved receive benefits and satisfaction, including the guests, host communities, the employees working in tourism companies, the companies themselves, the government and the environment. Accordingly, for the Meaningful Tourism Award 2022 these six categories will be considered, with a gold, silver and bronze award for each category.

Many companies and organisations with initiatives and projects in line with the Meaningful Tourism approach have already applied for the Meaningful Tourism Award 2022. The organisers and the international jury are nevertheless encouraging all tourism and hospitality service providers to use the remaining time until the deadline on September 30th to apply for the award.

No forms have to filled out, it is sufficient to send online materials and links and a short text stating why the applicant thinks that their initiative should get an award.

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt, CEO of the Meaningful Tourism Center in Hamburg: “Tourism needs to change. The industry is not able to attract enough talents, local communities despair about the masses of tourists flooding again city centers and islands, and the cultural and environmental impacts are still not brought under control. Meaningful Tourism teaches how to align the different interests instead of trying in vain to ‘balance’ them. With the Meaningful Tourism Award 2022 the many positive initiatives around the world are given visibility as Best Practice examples.”

The 18 award winners will be announced during a Meaningful Tourism panel event at the ITB Asia tourism fair in Singapore on October 20th.

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