#AviAssist – All about just culture – this Wednesday – don’t miss this next Focus Session?

(Posted 19th July 2022)

How to move to a Just culture?

Join us this Wednesday, the 20th of July at 12:30 Central African Time for another episode of the Focus Sessions.
We’ll be talking about just culture. A maturing safety culture is crucial to continuously improve safety in our industry and your organisation. We’ll be joined in the studio by Dr. Robert Jan De Boer, Marvin Rangarira ATCO from Zimbabwe and Chamsou Andjorin from the Aviation Safety Alliance for Africa for a frank discussion on moving away from a blame culture, including:

-What is just culture and what role does it play in safety promotion?
– How can we work with our employees & colleagues to learn from mistakes and near misses and move away from a ‘blame culture’?
– How can we guide the behaviour in our organisation to protect the companies values that are often displayed on big posters throughout the office?
– Reading tips from fellow safety professionals
– Your chance to win US$100 in Mobile Money
– And much more

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