2 tourists and 3 locals die in accident on Mombasa – Nairobi highway


It has now been confirmed by a regular reliable source from Mombasa that the victims were a Swiss / German couple who stayed at a South Coast resort and had booked with a Diani beach operator. Condolences are expressed to relatives and friends of the deceased. 

Sad news just in from Mombasa confirm that two foreign tourists of yet unknown nationality and names have died alongside with their driver and another passenger, when a truck rammed into their vehicle as they were leaving the coastal city for a tour, presumably to one of the national parks.

Identification of the victims was made impossible for the police according to a regular source in Mombasa, as spectator immediately looted the belongings including handbags and ID documents from the car and the victims, before police and ambulance services arrived at the scene.

One person was also reported dead from the truck, which driver fled the scene abandoning his vehicle. Police is hunting for the suspect and reportedly closing in on his whereabouts.

The accident happened around 9 a.m. some 40 kilometres outside Mombasa on the highway to Nairobi.

A search is now underway with coastal resorts to find out the identity of the victims so that next of kin can be informed.

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  1. These were tourist from my place of work whom i knew very well, just married and full of life. I still cannot believe it.

  2. It’s common in some African countries for bystanders to rob victims’ valuables. This is due to the poor economic times in the said countries. It’s not the first robbery of accident victims neither will it be the last…terrible thing. I equate it to murder…R.I.P!!

    1. Your explanation, perhaps more in mitigation than anything else, will be of little consolation to the families and friends of the deceased, when they learn that they have not only died tragically but been robbed in death by what can only be described as cold hearted criminals. There is NO excuse for that sort of behaviour.
      Thank you for reading my blog.