Mountain Bike Challenge raises millions for charity


(Posted 04th March 2015)

This event, one of Kenya’s great outdoor sporting weekends, has always received coverage here for both the cycling races from 10.000 to 4.000 feet – from which the Mountain Bike Challenge got its name – but also for the fundraising efforts by the organizers. Some 50 sponsors supported the 2015 event a few weeks ago and the total sum raised exceeded 5.1 million Kenya Shillings. Visit the website to find out where that money will go to and how it will be spent, and of course keep an eye out for the 2016 event, which promises to be bigger and better as has always been the case since the first races were launched many years ago.

The organizers asked to publish their thank you message in full to make the public at large aware who put in the most efforts and should be recognized in a suitable manner:

Start quote:

A huge thank you to all involved, over 50

sponsors & to those who were

brave enough to take part.
Look out for the East Africa Sportline programme

on Supersport channel 209 tomorrow!

Without the support of Don Smith, owner of fly-SAX and director of Mount Kenya Trust, the 10to4 would not continue. It is down to him and his faith in the event that MKT can offer such a unique opportunity for competitors while raising funds for its work in the region.
A huge thankyou to BATUK who were on site for a week, never mind the pre planning and logistics involved, supplying tents, power, light and the manpower to set up, take down and keep everything running in the mean time.
The consistent generosity of the Tropic Air team ensure that

the coast is kept clear of wildlife, that you are scooped up

and whisked off for medical attention if the worst should happen,

and that we have a birds eye view of the event as it unfolds.

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