5H-TCH #Airbus A223 ferry flight underway with final destination DAR


(Posted 22nd December 2018)

Air Tanzania Airbus A220-300

(Picture courtesy of Airbus)

Following the formal handover of Air Tanzania’s first Airbus A200-300, formerly known as the Bombardier CSeries C300, yesterday in Canada is the ferry flight from Montreal to Dar es Salaam now underway.
The aircraft left Montreal (IATA YMX) last night at 19.45 hrs local time and first headed for Santa Maria Island (IATA SMA), a Portuguese island in the Atlantic. From there is the plane expected to fly across Africa with final destination Dar es Salaam. During the first leg of the ferry flight did the aircraft eventually reach FL330 with a maximum speed of 560 knots or 644 mls/hr recorded enroute.


The aircraft, registered as 5H-TCH, MSN 55047, will before the end of the year be joined by a second such plane, MSN 55048 which is expected to bear the registration 5H-TCI. The additional aircraft is presently being readied for testflights ahead of a delivery flight and handover to the airline.


The airline has already announced that both Airbus A223’s will eventually be deployed to serve the routes to Lusaka, Harare and Johannesburg out of Dar es Salaam but will also be deployed on regional and even domestic flights.