‘A Window on #Zambia’ …

Enjoy Gill Staden’s latest publication, the March edition of ‘A Window on Zambia‘ giving a great overview of the tourism offerings visitors can expect when visiting Zambia and its many attractions.
Writes Gill in her opening:

Zambia is still very wet. We call this time our Emerald Season because the land is green and alive. The rains, though, started to trail off after our continuous deluge of February. We had bright sunny days interspersed with some cloudy ones. This made for some stunning photographs as the bush is clean, fresh and glistening with water drops.

Surprisingly this is an excellent time to see predators. The grass is high and the ground is wet, so hunting or sleeping on the roads, is much preferred by our lions, leopards and wild dogs. They do not relish lying or walking through soggy grass. Wild dogs particularly like to hunt along the roads.

The Victoria Falls are full to bursting with the spray rising high up into the sky. The walkways along the precipice opposite the falls are wet, with dripping trees and the spray rising up under raincoats. Some of our visitors give up trying to keep dry and just enjoy the sauna-like conditions, changing their clothes afterwards.

The photograph above is by Zambia Carnivore Programme in Liuwa Plain National Park. Liuwa Plain had, for many years, only one lioness named Lady Liuwa. She was made famous by a documentary of her life on the plain. Sadly, her time was up last year having lived for 17 years. African Parks Foundation, which had joined in the management in 2008 had lightened Lady Liuwa’s last years by the introduction of more lions. For her last years she lived as part of a pride and these are members of her remaining family.

Large parts of our parks are closed, some completely closed, because of the rain. This does not mean that there is no-one there. ZamParks rangers and the conservation organisations are operating intensively. Where they normally do patrols by vehicle, sometimes they take to canoes or fly the vast areas.

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