#AFRAA announces details of next #SkyConnect Dialogue

(Posted 05th October 2022)

The October 2022 edition of AFRAA Sky-Connect will host Mr. John Kelly, Vice President EMEA – Rolls Royce.

Join us for a thought-provoking one-on-one dialogue with John Kelly as he addresses stakeholders about Rolls Royce in Africa and insights on various actions to support the sustainability of the air transport industry in Africa.

Highlights of the dialogue:

1. About Rolls Royce in Africa

2. The aviation industry recovery, growth potential in Africa from an OEM perspective

3. New products development by Rolls Royce
a. What will the future of flying be like?
b. What’s new coming from Rolls Royce – different technologies under development
c. Environmental impact and mitigation measures/SAF opportunities for Africa

4. Gender and inclusivity
a. Commitment towards inclusivity at the workplace
b. Opportunities in the aerospace industry for the youth

5. Partnerships and capacity building initiatives

Expect nothing but out-of-the-box thinking and far – reaching recommendations to shape Africa’s aviation.

Join us on 12th of October 2022 at 14.00hrs EAT

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