Africa tourism news update – Good Safari Guide winners now on the web


The Good Safari Guide award ceremony on the eve of the INDABA tourism fair in Durban earlier this month has once again produced some deserving winners, honouring the at times stunning facilities, services and settings of safari camps, safari lodges, resorts and hotels.

Proposed for consideration to the judges of the contest, those making it on the finalist line up could all be proud and winners as in previous years came from Eastern and Southern Africa in almost equal measure.

Those selected and honoured with prizes, but also those who did not quite make it to the podium, deserve attention and the extra interest these awards will hopefully generate for them and the following list, available via the given web link, may help to see who they are and where they are, so that planning of future safaris will be made a little easier.

Being a little biased towards my own region here in Eastern Africa, I extend particularly warm congratulations to winners, runners ups and finalists from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda but give equal applause to those from Southern Africa.

Doing Africa’s tourism industry proud, very much so!

Visit for the full details, including web links directly to their company websites.