African aviation news – AFRAA set for annual meeting in Marrakech


African airlines will meet in Marrakech / Morocco between November 20th to 22nd this year for their AFRAA Annual General Assembly, hosted by Royal Air Maroc. Notably there will also be a meeting of key Chief Executive Officers of leading African airlines to discuss the increasing threats posed to the industry by foreign carriers being given traffic rights galore by their own governments and the alarming trend of ‘staff poaching’ in particular by Gulf based airlines which offer attractive terms and conditions to pilots, aircraft maintenance engineers and other highly qualified technical staff.

Alongside an exhibition is expected to bring together the leading aircraft and engine manufacturers, IT solution providers and aviation infrastructure developers, taking advantage of this unique annual gathering of Africa’s airlines. The theme of ‘Harnessing of Growth Opportunities Together’ is significant too as many airlines continue to advocate for a full implementation of the Yamoussoukro Agreement, which is aimed to break down restrictive practices, remove non tariff impediments and promote cooperation between airlines and African Union member countries to enhance air traffic across the continent by African airlines.

The details were released following the Executive Committee meeting of AFRAA in Nairobi recently when the status of preparations for the AGM were reviewed amongst a long list of other pressing issues on the agenda of AFRAA, which also includes the ongoing blacklisting of a large number of airlines from Africa by the European Union, something AFRAA has repeatedly claimed to be a measure of protectionism aimed to keep African airlines off profitable routes to and from key European airports.