African Tourism and Hospitality Investment #ATHW2023 now just days away

(Posted 18th September 2023)


Tourism Invest Africa in collaboration with GEN Namibia and Nicolas Goupil Consulting presents the
maiden edition of African Tourism and Hospitality Investment-ready Business Workshop #ATHW2023
from 26 – 28 September, 2023 and it is Online.

The workshop is design for SMEs (startups and medium-size) who own investment-ready
businesses/projects in travel, tourism and hospitality industry in Africa. The workshop aims to bring
together some of the brightest minds, industry experts and high-profile industry leaders from around
the world to address the requirements, needs and expectations that businesses must have to satisfy
global investors and institutions alike.

The main objective is to empower, provide resources and enable SMEs in the African travel, tourism and hospitality industry to become investment-ready to compete globally and grow exponentially. The workshop intends to stimulate collaboration, knowledge-sharing, innovation and build relationship among professionals and visionaries in the African tourism industry.

With a grand lineup of unique coaches, interactive workshop, and insightful panel discussion, this event
promises to be an unparalleled opportunity for both professional and business growth.

The ATHW2023 workshop will hold over 3 days with participants from all around Africa, with the third day featuring an industry -specific panel discussions made up of high-profile industry leaders and experts engage in thought-provoking conversations on the challenges of the sector, tourism investment opportunities, concerns of investors and emerging industry trends.

The third day will also feature an online platform to practice the pitch with feedback from coaches and invited potential investors.

Tourism Invest Africa is an initiative championed by GATEHUB and its partner, it operates as project
driven, raising capital and accelerating the financial closure of investment deals, while leveraging on

The project lead of Tourism Invest Africa and founder of GATEHUB company, Ms. Vera Iremuah
Sharon Ohioma said “We are excited to launch the maiden edition of the African Tourism and Hospitality investment-ready Business workshop #ATHW2023 to provide adequate support to empower SMEs to be better equipped with the knowledge needed to optimize their business activities to be profitable and bankable to attract investors”.

She further stressed on the importance of changing the narratives of the business operations of small and medium-sized enterprises in the African tourism and hospitality sector which limits taking advantage of investment opportunities for expansion and growth.

We know that investors want an industry that they are familiar with, an idea with a large market and competitive advantage, a company that is built on scalability, a powerful leadership team and a promising financial projection. Through our tailor-made programs design for the African tourism and hospitality investment-ready business workshop #ATHW2023, we will provide resources and support SMEs to build and grow investment-ready businesses. This program can help SMEs to become more
successful and contribute to the growth of the industry as a whole.”

The project partner and CEO of Rafiki tours and safaris Mr. Joseph Kafunda also added that: “The
tourism and hospitality industry can be highly competitive, and small and medium-sized enterprises often struggle to stand out and attract investors. Overall, by providing SMEs in the tourism and hospitality industry with the resources and support they need to build and grow investment-ready businesses, this program can help drive growth and innovation in the industry and create new opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors alike.”

Other supporters and partners of the workshop are reputable industry leaders and brands like Ocean
Economy and Enterprise Development (PTY) LTD, Profix capacity, Tour2Nigeria, Mybeautiful Africa,
ZaNiheza, Ojimah, African tourism board, ATC News, African Tourism Showcase, LightRay Media and
several others. Several benefits of sponsoring the workshop includes strengthen your reputation as a
supporter of global business growth by developing partnership with a project championing the economy
recovery of African tourism, you demonstrate that your organization strongly supports the growth and
expansion of tourism businesses on the continent.

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