Air Kenya updates passengers on mandatory digital registration


(Posted 22nd June 2021)


Warm greetings from Air Kenya!

Further to our previous communication, we wish to inform you that it is mandatory for all travellers using our service to fill out the Digital Local Travellers Health Surveillance Form 24 hours prior to their arrival to receive a QR code that will be presented to the port health desk for clearance. The form is available via the link
or the Jitenge App (available on Google Playstore).

This is a mandatory requirement for all arriving passengers at Wilson airport (even when in transit from Kilimanjaro en route to the bush destinations) and Kisumu airport. Multi-sector travellers should fill out the form at every destination port (Wilson and/or Kisumu).


  • iPhone users should use Chrome or Firefox web browser when accessing the above link.
  • If using the Jitenge App, which is accessible by Android users only, a login page will appear requiring travellers to sign up for an account. Among the four options that will appear, travellers are instructed to select the ‘air travellers’ option.
  • All the mandatory fields starred in red must be filled. Upon submission, a QR code will be sent to the traveller’s email address. NOTE: Fill in the “date of arrival in Kenya” as the date of arrival at the domestic port (Wilson and/or Kisumu).
  • Android users unable to access their QR code via email can log in to their accounts via the Jitenge App and input the telephone number they used during registration as well as their Passport/ID number. Select the QR code that pops up in their name, screenshot and present at the Health desk.
  • iPhone users unable to access their QR code via email should check their system’s download folder or present their telephone number, and passport number/ID at the port health desk to retrieve the QR code

We hereby request all travellers to adhere to the set regulations to fast-track the check-out process at the arrival terminals.

For further clarification, contact us via:

Email: resvns or operations
Telephone: +254 20 391 6000

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