Air Mauritius announces profits for last quarter of 2012


Information was received from a source in Port Louis that Air Mauritius has apparently announced a profit of over 6.4 million Euros for the quarter which ended in December 2012 in group profits, which is a 10 million Euro turnaround of fortunes after suffering a 3.6 million Euros loss for the same quarter in 2011.

This significant financial turnaround is credited to the cost cutting and streamlining of operations put into effect by CEO Andre Viljoen, who after a period at the helm in an acting capacity of nearly two years was finally confirmed in his position in September last year, when the airline also got a new Chairman in Mr. Appalsamy Thomas, who had served the airline in various capacities, including as Managing Director, in the past. (

Cuts in destinations, among others were Milan, Frankfurt and Geneva axed while introducing more flights to Johannesburg, Capetown and Nairobi in Africa and shifting focus to the Far East, resulted in slightly lesser passenger numbers but an even greater reduction in operating costs, which translated into profitability where in the past the airline leaked money contributing to the losses which at the time threatened the survival of Air Mauritius.

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