#AirMauritius clears backlog of passengers after cyclone Cilida finally gone


(Posted 24th December 2018)

Air Mauritius

After strong crosswinds, affecting the runway at Rodrigues airport, have finally begun to subside, has Air Mauritius stepped up their flight programme to clear passengers traveling to and from the island.
A total of 15 flights are operating today, 24th of December with an additional two extra flights then scheduled for the early hours of tomorrow, Christmas Day. Yesterday evening, after flight operations resumed at 18.00 hrs local time, were four flights dispatched from Port Louis to Rodrigues and the return flights have also been completed except for the last service, which is presently in the air as this article is uploaded.
Hundreds of locals and tourists were stranded at both airports during the passage of cyclone Cilida, which thankfully passed both islands without a direct hit on any of them, though rain and very strong winds impacted on air traffic.