Alain St. Ange awarded Honorary Ph.D. for promoting tourism beyond Seychelles’ borders


(Posted 20th April 2024)


Tourism Industry rallies to say congratulations to Dr. h.c. Alain St.Ange


ATCNews publisher, joined by the entire team, extends warmest congratulations to fellow Dr. (h.c.) Alain St. Ange


Alain St.Ange was earlier this month conferred a Doctorate Fellow of Chartered Institute of Hospitality,
Tourism and Management of America (CIHTMA) EN-202135010436, the Certified Institute of Hospitality, Tourism, Travels, Management and Research Development of Nigeria (CIHTM) and the Mona Institute of Hospitality Tourism, Travels, Management and Research Development of Nigeria RC:1438005.


Alain St.Ange, Head of the “Saint Ange Tourism Consultancy” and a former Minister of Tourism,
Civil Aviation, Ports & Marine of the Seychelles, who is also the founding President of the Indian Ocean
Vanilla Islands and of the African Tourism Board, has been a key tourism leader for many years and has earned recognition for his tireless effort in tourism management and for its continued development. He is known to have been a succesful Tourism Minister who innovated and showed through his experience and hard work that “Tourism was an Industry and not just an activity”.

Alain St.Ange has received many awards and honours over the years from “Key to the City”
Award in the USA by the City of Detroit, an “Honorary Citizen” of Sioux City of Iowa in the USA
and also a ‘Key to the City Award’ by Tuskegee Alabama in the USA, the “Mahatma Ghandi
Award” in India & the “Global Achievers Award” also in India, to “Man of the Year – Travel and
Tourism” by Afro-Asian Union (AFASU) in Egypt, the “PATWA Gold Award – Travel & Tourism’
at the ITB Tourism Trade Fair in Berlin, Germany, to “Change Maker in Tourism Award” at the
African Resilience Summit in South Africa by the IIPT, the “African Travel 100 Global Tourism
Personalities” in Nigeria, and the “Travellinks Eminent Achiever Award” also in Nigeria.

He entered the “International Hall of Tourism Heroes” by WTN, was decorated a “Commandeur de
l’Ordre National” by Madagascar, received a “Conseil Regional Medal” by Reunion Island,
before being decorated a “Commandeur de l’Ordre de L’Etoile de Moheli” by the Island of
Comores. He was also chosen as an “Honoree to be inducted into the African Diaspora World Tourism Hall of Fame” for all the work he has done in cultural heritage tourism at the Travel Award in the
USA, received a Seychelles Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI) “Certificate of
Recognition”, received an ”Address of Appreciation” from the Shannon College of Hotel
Management of Ireland, was included in the Coffee Table Book “Global Icons of Travel &
Tourism” written by the Pacific Area Travel Writers Association covering 50 Tourism Leaders
from across the world and made the 2021 list of “Top 30 Hospitality and Tourism Influencers
in Africa” by The Pyne Awards.

He received the “LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD FOR PROMOTION OF THE TRAVEL TRADE” at ITB in Berlin by PATWA, received a “Plaque of Honour from the House of Lords” in London, was honoured by the ‘Confrerie de la Chaine Des Rotisseures’ for his work as a restaurateur and hotelier in Seychelles when he was awarded the Charge de Mission du Bailliage des Seychelles & admitted as a Member of the ‘Ordre Mondial des Gourmets Degustateurs’ among so many others & received from the Seychelles Tourism Board a “Certificate of Recognition”.

Alain St.Ange was also accepted as a Member of The Tourism Society (MTS), The Cookery and Food Association (MCFA), the British Institute of Management (MBIM) & the Hotel and Catering International Management Association (MHCIMA).

It is remarkable how Alain St.Ange, from the small Indian Ocean island of the Seychelles has
received so many awards from right across the world to which was added a declaration as the
‘most tourified Tourism Minister in and outside Seychelles’ by the Sunday edition & Ozordi Dimans’ of the Seychelles Today’ Newspaper written by Christine Ouma. He was declared as “Simply
the Best” by the respected Seychelles historian Tony Mathiot writing on the Seychelles
Government’s Nation Newspaper and coined as ‘A Seychelles’ Master of Promotion’ by
International Kreol Magazine of the UK.

This week however has been the crowning achievement – so far – when he has been conferred a “Doctorate Fellow Degree” by the Governing Council of the Chartered Institute of Hospitality, Tourism and Management of America (CIHTMA-USA, the Certified Institute of Hospitality Tourism Travels, Management and Research Development of Nigeria (CIHTM-Nigeria) and the Mona Institute of Hospitality, Tourism, Travels, Management and Research Development of Nigeria.


I am pleased to inform you that the Governing Council of the Chartered Institute of
Hospitality, Tourism and Management of America (CIHTMA-USA) and Certified Institute of Hospitality, Tourism, Travels, Management and Research Development of Nigeria has nominated you for the Dual Doctorate Fellow of the Institutes. This grade of the Institute’s Membership is reserved for accomplished Professionals of your level and status in the Profession. You are well and appropriately educated and qualified in your field of professional calling. So, the Chartered Institute of Hospitality, Tourism and Management of America (CIHTMA-USA) and Certified Institute of Hospitality, Tourism, Travels, Management and Research Development of Nigeria is extending this humble invitation to you to consider the possibility of becoming a full professional member of the Institutes. We believe your knowledge and experience can add value to what we have been doing over the years. We also believe that we can contribute to making your Professional knowledge available to the society through the platform of this Dual Certifications.

In addition to your award, and even more importantly, you will participate in the
Certification Workshop which makes you eligible to be assessed for approval. The CIHTMA- CIHTM qualifications is granted by the Governing Councils of the Chartered Institute of Hospitality Tourism and Management of America (CIHTMA-USA) and Certified Institute of Hospitality, Tourism, Travels, Management and Research Development of Nigeria. We issue CIHTMA-CIHTM qualifications to Professionals who meet the requirements set down for the DFCIHTMA & DFCIHTM Designations.
The designation as a Doctorate Fellow Membership of Chartered Institute of Hospitality,
Tourism and management of America (CIHTMA) and Certified Institute of Hospitality,
Tourism, Travels, Management and Research Development of Nigeria is granted under
authorization by the International Conference, Seminars, International inductions and
Awards, Meetings of the CIHTMA-CIHTM where opportunities abound for international networking among experts in USA and other Countries globally” said Dr. John Daniel Enemona, Registrar-General.

Further to above did Alain St. Ange receive added communications: “On behalf of Foxford University Canada, I am thrilled to extend our heartfelt congratulations and offer you an Honorary Doctorate Degree of Sustainable Tourism Development and Climate Action. This prestigious recognition is a testament to your exceptional achievements and significant contributions to promoting sustainable practices in the field of tourism. Having extensively reviewed your remarkable work and dedication to sustainable tourism development and climate action, we wholeheartedly acknowledge the impact you have made in your field. Your invaluable efforts, expertise, and leadership have
not only contributed to the advancement of sustainable practices but have also inspired
individuals and organizations worldwide. We invite you to accept this honorary degree as a token of our admiration and gratitude for your exceptional contributions. The rewarding process will be overseen by our esteemed regional advisor, Dr. John Daniel Enemona, who has been instrumental in identifying and recommending deserving candidates for Honorary Doctorate Degrees. Dr. John Daniel Enemona has thoroughly reviewed your accomplishments and has wholeheartedly endorsed your nomination for this esteemed recognition” said Jennifer Liam, the Admission Officer from Hamilton in Canada.

Alain St.Ange has also been recommended to join the Governing Council of these institutes, as
well as the editorial board of the International Journals of Hospitality Tourism, Travels,
Transport, Management, Business and Research Development.

Alain St.Ange commented on this latest recognition as he prepares to travel to the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai which will be followed by an onward mission to the UK where he will be
Chief Guest at the Global Achievers Summit at the University of Oxford.

I am indeed thrilled. Receiving such a recognition for my leadership, and its impact across the world of tourism is humbling. Working for so many years with passion and with my heart, where hard work and devotion for my chosen career has been so recognised is a good feeling, and for this I say thank you to the Universities who conferred the Honorary Doctorate Degree of Sustainable Tourism Development and Climate Action. I am also appreciative to have been appointed to sit on the Governing Council of the institutes, as well as the editorial board of the International Journals of Hospitality Tourism, Travels, Transport, Management, Business and Research Development,” said Dr. h.c Alain St.Ange.


Over the years Alain St.Ange has also published or co-published many books and he sits on
many International Boards including being named the Vice President of the World Travel
Network (WTN), appointed on the advisory board of the Global India Business Forum as an
Honorary Member for the period 2021 – 2025, a Board Member on the Sayari Dunia Sustainable Tourism Foundation of Nigeria, appointed Chairman Board of Trustees of the Arab Tourism News Portal – Al-Masala-Official Tourism Travel Portal News At Middle East, a ‘Honorary Member’ of the “Patrick Victor Cultural Foundation in Seychelles”, appointed the Deputy Secretary-General of FORSEAA (Forum of Small Medium Economic AFRICA ASEAN) in Jakarta, named the Vice President International Relations for TMN (Travel Marketing Network) in New York, appointed Co-Chair of the SUNx (Strong Universal Network) Organisation in London, appointed Vice President & Founding Member of ICTP (International Coalition of Tourism Partners), appointed as African-Asian Union (AFASU) Vice Chairman for Tourism Division and Vice Chairman of AFASU Golden Awards Committee, appointed an
Advisor at the Confederation of Schools, Colleges and Universities (COSCU), & named eTN

His list of Books published includes: – Seychelles, What Next? – a political book about
Seychelles (1991), Seychelles, In Search of Democracy a book that relates to the political and
constitutional history of Seychelles (2005), Seychelles, The Cry of A People that takes a look at
the more important political marches, riots and demonstrations that have taken place in
Seychelles (2007), Seychelles, Regatta 2010 that documents the annual sailing regatta that
takes place in and around the Seychelles Islands (2010), Seychelles, Enters the World of
Carnival marked the first edition of the Seychelles’ Carnaval International de Victoria (2011),
Seychelles, Remembers Karl St.Ange …a great son of Seychelles, to an icon of La Digue is a
collection of pictures that will remind everyone of the life of Karl St.Ange (2011), Seychelles,
The Coco-de-Mer records information and photos about the Coco de Mer, a national treasure
of Seychelles (2012), Seychelles, The Festival of the Sea documents the island’s annual SUBIOS
Festival of the Sea (2012), Seychelles, State House documents the centenary of the
inauguration of State House, the highest office of the islands (2013), Seychelles, Unexpected
Treasures showcases the beauty of the underwater world of Seychelles (2014), a biography
Alain St.Ange – A Life in Tourism by Pascal Viroleau, was launched during a tourism summit in
Bali, Indonesia (2023) & Alain & Ginette St.Ange, Family Ties is a book written as it was felt it
was important for each and every one in his family to know their roots (2023).


The ATCNews founder and publisher Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H. Thome, when asked to comment on Alain St. Ange’s new doctorate status, had the following to say:

I have known Dr. h.c. Alain St. Ange a very long time, first as fellow correspondent for eTN, through tourism circles and networks at a time when social media were only known to a few and then in a much closer context when Alain was seconded by the Seychelles private sector to the then Seychelles Tourism Board as Director of Tourism Marketing in 2008. 

Alain at the time was challenged to mitigate the impact of the global economic and financial crisis, which saw arrivals to the islands literally collapse from one month to the next. Yet, Alain at the end of that year had managed to level out arrival numbers to almost to the figure of the previous year, albeit at the cost of discounts and rebates given by the travel and hospitality industry, but compared to other destinations, in particular luxury upmarket locations, this was literally unheard of anywhere else around the world. 

As a result of his good fortunes, to a good part rooted in his networking ability and his talent to rally the global travel media behind the Seychelles – which saw the destination punch well beyond its weight class – was he promoted to CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board. 

Within two years was he then asked to join the Seychelles government as Minister for Tourism, later to be Minister of Tourism and Culture and finally as Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine – despite the fact that he did not belong to the ruling party but in fact came from a background as an opposition MP earlier in his professional life. 

Then Seychelles President Alix Michel no doubt took a personal risk with his appointment of Alain St. Ange, but was in turn richly rewarded by Alain St. Ange being a loyal Minister and arguably the most visible tourism minister, not only in Africa but across the world, as he unleashed a juggernaut of marketing, promotion, visibility and media presence for the Seychelles islands. 

One of his greatest accomplishments was the launch of the Seychelles International Carnival, known as the Carnival de Carnevals, which brought unprecedented numbers of travel and mainstream media to the Seychelles as it grew year after year while he was minister. 

Alain notably resigned from his office as Minister to concentrate on his campaign for the position as Secretary General of UNWTO, now known as UN Tourism, but the successor of President Michel, on the eve of the election in Madrid, where Alain St. Ange was the frontrunner for the job, pulled the country’s mandatory endorsement. This robbed Alain St. Ange of a sure win in the vote and robbed Africa of a unique opportunity to see the continent gain added prominence had Alain been elected. 

A subsequent legal case, brought by Alain St. Ange against the Seychelles government, ended entirely in his favour and on appeal over the initial minimal financial award, did he get a verdict in his favour from the highest court in the Seychelles, which was devastating to the Seychelles government, vindicating his position and reimbursing his investment in his campaign. 

Said Alain at the time to ATCNews: ‘I knew the campaign would make it very difficult to serve my country as Minister for Tourism, Aviation, Ports and Marine while actively campaigning for the top post at UNWTO. Hence, I found it only right and proper to submit my resignation to concentrate on my campaign, which very sadly was sabotaged at the very last moment by my own government. Well, I was vindicated in the end but Africa lost the hitherto best chance to head one of the UN’s major organizations.’


ATCNews again extends best wishes to Alain St. Ange, now Dr. h.c. Alain St. Ange, a close and trusted friend of the ATCNews publisher, on receiving an honourary doctorate.




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